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Marcus Trujillo
5624 Anywhere Ave
Atlanta, GA
(800) 555-1212


To obtain a position in which I can utilize my considerable talents as a communicator to help give customers a positive memorable experience.

The Garden Savannah, GA; August 2008- Present

I am very well known in this family owned and run restaurant known for it's hospitality, and customer service. Customers are well known by wait staff and frequently ask for waiters by name. Position requires excellent hospitality skills such as time management, attention to detail and friendly, personable attitude. Often responsible for locking the shop as well as cashier duties, such as reconciling the drawer, and maintenance of petty cash.

Tromp du le Monde Savanna, GA ; June 2008- June 2009
Cashier / Busser / Runner

Was responsible for maintaining perfection in my section, in an intense working environment. Attention to detail was a must, I had to memorize the menu and all of my customers preferences for the day. Duties also consisted of: Maintaining the petty cash drawer. Running money from the floor to the manage in the vault. Currency exchange (had to be fairly knowledgeable on current exchange rates, to verbally inform the clientele) assist the wait and running staff, as well as the kitchen, bar or pastry chef when needed. Maintained a synchronized flow between the kitchen, waiters and customers to deliver top notch food with a distinct visual flair and presentation.

Grover's Barber Shop Atlanta, GA ; January 2008 - August 2008
Cashier / Reception

Was responsible for reconciliation of the cash drawer, as well as upkeep of the shop. Customer service, employee relation and scheduling of appointments were all juggled seamlessly to provide a fast flowing friendly and efficient atmosphere. As the face of the shop, it was my responsibility to handle any and all problems on the floor without involving the stylists. I distributed tips and logged in the time cards for all employees.

Ovenwood Pizza Inglewood, GA ; October 2004 to 2007

Responsible for all aspects of customer service and business management including reconciling cash drawer, and petty cash maintenance and distribution.


Atlanta City College, Atlanta, GA Major in Communications; 2009 to Present