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Michelle Fererra

6568 Anywhere St.
Boston, MA 56858




To find a permanent position with a hospital or clinic where I can successfully utilize my experience in the field. I have an extensive background in emergency, intensive and infant care.

Relevant Experience:

Level II Staff Nurse: Rigauld-Manns Medical Center (Wooster, MA)
It's an 8 hr work shift (40 Hrs/week). Duties are as follows: Assessment, patient education of treatment plan, starting IV's peripherally, accessing picc lines and Portacaths, IV administration of blood products, chemotherapy agents and IVIG, Remicade, and IV antibiotics as well as other medications via all routes. We take care of walk-in patients that are in severe pain, neutropenic, or complaining of an ailment related to their oncological condition. I have a great communication skills and work well as a team player with all members of the interdisciplinary team

May 2005 - February 2007
Staff Nurse: City of Hope Hospital
My duties were to provide emergent nursing care to all walk-in and md referred patients. My responsibilities included detailed assessments, monitoring critical patients, starting IVs, access porta-caths, drawing labs, administration of medications (except chemotherapy) via all routes, and working closely with the interdisciplinary team members. On a regular basis, I assist physicians with bone marrow aspiration procedures under deep sedation or conscious sedation and then recover pt to pre-procedure status. Other procedures I assist with are lumbar punctures, thora and paracentesis, and wound care. I often perform Charge Nurse duties which include delegating tasks/assignments to staff, assuring staff takes breaks/lunches, and intervening in conflict resolutions. I implemented the SBARQ format at City of Hope and I am part of the hospital's Recruitment and Retention Committee that meets once a month. I am a natural leader and well respected by my peers and patients.


Louisville College
BSN Kinesiology - May 1995

McCarthy School of Nursing
Neonatal Nurse practitioner certificate - June 1999

Blackrock Community College
AA in Nursing - June 2001