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I am actively seeking a challenging, full-time position which will allow me to utilize my experience and skills to contribute to the areas of Logistics, Transportation and Warehousing in a prestigious company in the cargo industry.



One of my most valuable attributes is my problem-solving ability. The design and implementation of problem-solving activities has constituted a large part of my employment experience. My background in the military has also helped me to develop excellent managerial skills and build a thorough understanding of operating systems, data analysis, and system procedures.



         Menard Senior High School; Menard, Texas; 1987

         Currently seeking BA in Business Management through the Saint Leo University


         Optimizing the Supply Chain MIT, Six Week 5-00
USA Logistics Management Course, 80 hours, 9-00
UADPS-US/SP 80 hours, 10-96
Transportation of Hazardous Material 80 hours, 04-94 1989


DIRECTOR AND SENIOR SPECIALIST; RECEIVING DIVISION, Defense Distribution Center, Yokosuka Japan; (3/00 present)

- Responsibilities: As the Receiving Director I am responsible for a multi-culture workforce that consists of 34 Japanese National Master Labor Contract Employees (MLC), 5 USCS, and 2 Military personnel. My responsibilities include: Planning current and long-range objectives for the integration of internal and external operations and supply program management; Designing and evaluating program information; Analyzing statistical data; Serving on interagency and organizational committees to identify and resolve supply issues; Engaging daily in communicating with local commercial freight carriers requesting and arranging delivery plans for incoming containerized cargo; Coordinating urgent incoming material with commercial airfreight carriers such as DHL and FedEx.



- Major Accomplishments: Obtained a thorough knowledge of DOD, DLA, and DDC policies governing acquisition of operating supplies and materials, property accountability systems and program management; Developed expertise in inventory management, specialized qualitative and quantitative techniques for analyzing and measuring the effectiveness and efficiency wholesale and retail supply programs. Last promoted 03-2000.


- Contact: Defense Distribution Center Yokosuka Japan; PSC 473 Box 11 FPO AP 96349-0011; CDR Scott Thon; 243-7111.


- Responsibilities: As the Deputy Receiving Director I was responsible for the supervision of 28 Japanese National Master Labor Contract (MLC) employees. My responsibilities included: Managing the Receiving Division on all matters pertaining to receipt processing and material distribution; Reviewing and analyzing management reports and data to determine the processing posture of the division;  Providing comprehensive information including corrective measures to be taken, and proposing a plan of action for problems identified; Compiling statistical data in support of goals, objectives, budgetary requirements and other data required for forwarding to higher levels of management; Conducting divisional staffing reviews based upon changes of workload or functions; Managing all accounting personnel (including union clerks), and financial, inventory, purchasing, and information systems functions for the Division, which consists of 4 product lines, and serve as Member of Senior Management Team

- Major Accomplishments: Reviewed and took appropriate action on divisional personnel actions; Reviewed commendatory or disciplinary action request and made recommendations for approval and or disapproval; Counseled divisional personnel, interviewed job applicants and developed on-the-job training programs for the divisional personnel for skill development.

- Contact: U. S. Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Yokosuka Japan; PSC 473 Box 11 FPO AP 96349-0011; Mr. Ken Liss; 243-7111

MATERIAL HANDLER SUPERVISOR: U. S. Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Yokosuka Japan (4/95 9/98)

- Responsibilities: As the Material Handler Supervisor, I supervised 12 USCS employees and 8 Japanese National Employees (MLC). My responsibilities included:  Handling stock replenishment and Material Turned Into Stores (MTIS) receipts; Processing and categorizing material as subsistence, medical, clothing and textile, industrial, electronic, construction, and depot level repairable (DLR); Managing material requiring special handling such as hazardous, pilferable, classified and controlled/sensitive items; Ensuring all special material was received and processed in accordance with proper regulations and procedures; Performing on-site inspections and audits of work being accomplished; Determining proper storage locations of material while ensuring proper material handling equipment was being utilized in the receiving operation; Providing personnel assistance with NISTARS, ABE, DEARS, and FILES computer systems; Controlling access to restricted areas; Maintaining quality assurance and control of material programs to ensure material was being properly received and stowed.


- Major Accomplishments: Served as the Bin Processing Branch Head and assistant to the Receiving Director, assigned to the Receiving Division, Physical Distribution Department, Yokosuka Japan


- Contact: U. S. Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Yokosuka Japan; PSC 473 Box 11 FPO AP 96349-0011; Mr. Ken Liss; 243-7111







Quality Increase 04-02; Quality Increase 04-01; Special Act Award 04-97;


Branch and Period of Active Duty Service: 05-1989 to 04-1992,
U.S. Navy

Campaign Badges and/or Expeditionary Medals Received: Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal;

Southeast Asia Service Medal
Type of Discharge: Honorable


Able to converse in Japanese, Type 65 wpm, and understand computer programs that are used daily to assist in performing our supply mission. Currently hold a secret clearance.