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Robert Wannabe

35 Filmont Street

Bridgewater, NJ 08806

Home (908) 555 - 1212

Work (908) 555 - 5555 x5555


Enter in two sentences or less your goal and type of job you want. Be as specific and clear as possible. Remember to be concise. This is like a 'sound bite' for the resume reader. It either gets their attention or it does not.


This section is where you will summarize your experience and pertinent skills for the job you want. Use Bullet headings or table format, (for IT skills). Do not over use this section. Again, this section should summarize your abilities in a concise way. This area is an attention grabber. Here are a few examples.
- Five years prior management experience.
- {Put specific job related skill set here, i.e. to follow}
- Extensive cash flow analysis skills. Use of PROJECT, ARGUS, & Spreadsheet SW.

IT or other technical people with many skills that are summarized in a word or phrase can use a table format.
Unix Windows NT 4.0 Novell 3.12, 4.0 TCP/IP
MS Office Suite C++ Visual Basic Internet Skills
MS Front Page WebUser Top Dog XTR/SF
NewHouse CAD Project etc.


List awards and accomplishments here. Be concise.

I am the greatest candidate because...

Use action words or phrases wherever possible. Start off Use action words or phrases wherever possible. Start off each line with a word that conveys active meaning.


Company Name, City, State

Job Title, 19xx - 19xx

Briefly describe your responsibilities in this section. Use short concise language or again use bullet headings. No more than 4-5 per job. Remember, the resume should be easy to read through quickly. Your resume may be one of a hundred a reviewer must look at in a day. Try to start of each bullet heading with an action word or verb. (i.e. - Managed; Created; Revised; Accelerated; Contracted; Supervised; etc.)

Company Name, City, State

Job Title, 19xx - 19xx

Same description format as noted above.

Another point to remember is to list work experience in reverse order, starting with your present employer and working backwards.

Company Name, City, State

Job Title, 19xx - 19xx

Try to list relevant jobs. This applies mostly to younger people, with little experience or people with a career change in mind. Do not go extensively into your experience as a waiter, cashier or parking lot attendant, (potentially jobs you had while attending school), if you are applying for an IT position with heavy technical requirements.
If you have no other references, then try to show a related work environment or crossover skill set. For example, while working at a car wash, you helped implement, (or operate), a state of the art, fully automated system with computer network monitoring from a central station. If you are in the midst of a career change, emphasize your potential cross over skills to the new field.
Get the idea?


School Name, City, State

B.A., Major, Minor: Minor, 19xx

GPA: xx, Major GPA: xx. Briefly note any awards, committees, offices held or affiliations from school. Do so in a concise way and remember to emphasize any related issues to the job or field you want to enter.

School Name, City, State

M.B.A., Major, Minor: Minor, 19xx

GPA: xx, Major GPA: xx. Secondary or technical school data should also be summarized in the same format as noted above. If you have further education, such as post graduate studies, you want to summarize your research skills and thesis.