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Bonnie Jobhunter

33 Bendall Drive

Bound Brook, Nevada 40243

(233) 555-1212


Obtain position as a manager in a national manufacturing corporation.


Coordinated shipping and transport contacts and suppliers and distributors of Fortune 500 company distribution arm. Responsible for monthly cash flow reports, cost analysis and staffing of outlet centers.

Performed market analysis studies with emphasis on market supply and demand factors, saturation analysis and demographic studies. 

Revised and implemented scheduling and monitoring methods for product distribution lines.


Shipping Manager, Martins Corp. 1998 to Present

Martins Overnight Services, Raritan, PA

Responsible for operations of regional warehouse center. Re-supply of chain hardware outlets from central distribution point. 24 Hour operations with supply route of 50 stores. All shipping objectives met on time. Awarded manager of year in 1999.

Sales Manager, 1995 to 1998

Taylor and Hughes, Inc., Plymoth, Oregon

Charged with staffing, training and sales duties for heavy equipment manufacturing concern. Heavy client contact overseas. Primary trade area was western Europe. Excellent long term business contacts still in place. Awarded number one in sales, department head for company two years in a row, 1996 & 1997. 

Sales Representative, 1990 to 1995

Urban Brokers, San Francisco, CA

Staff sales person for diesel engine manufacturer. Trade area was mid west with 10 state target zone. Achieved sales objectives all 5 years. Within two years, was promoted to section manager. Highest sales volume in region from 1992 through 1995. 


B.A., Marketing, 1989

Bound Brook College, Penitence, NH